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So often I find people that are running their PPC pay per click advertising campaigns the wrong way. They are paying to much for a cost per click (CPC) or they have the wrong keywords chosen. Just because it’s related to your business doesn’t mean that is the avenue you need to be on. Often times there are other keywords similar to the one you want that can be just as effective at half the price.

I do a cost analysis of the keywords and then pick the ones that are going to generate you the most traffic at the lowest cost per click. I have ran many a successful campaign on less than $15.00 per day while still generating huge amounts of traffic. All these people are on your site because they are ready to buy.

Unlike other SEO companies I always go through everything with you to explain what I find and spell out my plan of attack so you know every step of the way what I am doing and where I am taking your company.

You will also receive a report generated weekly or bi-weekly on each keyword used and just how effective they are. Many times I achieve a click through rate over 10 percent.

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